Q. Do I have to buy any equipment?

A: Football players need to provide a protective cup, mouth-guard and cleats. Integrated practice pants are recommended. The league supplies shoulder pads,helmets,game day pants,game day jerseys and game day socks. Cheerleaders are required to purchase uniforms,shoes and hair bows. Cheerleaders keep their purchases at the end of the season. Football players keep their jersey and socks.

Q. How much playing time will my child get?

A: Rules require that all players play a minimum of 12 plays per game. At every game there are play count auditors to ensure that each player gets their minimum requirement. Playing time after the minimum will be at the discretion of the head coach. 

Q. What is the policy on refunds?

A: West Valley Rebels has a no refund policy. Only exception is a documented medical condition.      

​​Q. What if I can't work a volunteer shift?

A: Volunteer shifts are allocated on a first come, first served basis,so sign up early! Snack bar shifts are available for all home games and there will be opportunities for the snack shack also. Your participation is greatly appreciated as this is a volunteer organization. If you are unable to or choose not to work a volunteer shift, we thank you for your donation.

Q: What does the registration fee cover?

A: Registration fees cover many different expenses in youth football. Insurance,league fees,field fees, officials fees,light fees and the cost of maintaining and purchasing protective gear. A portion of the fees go towards our annual carnival and the purchase of jerseys. HUDL is included in the registration fee. A $50.00 refundable snack bar deposit is also included in the registration fee.

Q. What division will my child be playing in?

A:  Football players are placed in divisions according to their weight and age. Cheerleaders are placed on squads according to their age and experience.

Q. Are Physicals required?

A: All football players and cheerleaders are required to have a physical before they can participate. The physical form  needs to be completed by a physician or chiropractor and turned in to the Athletic Director before the start of official practice.   

Q. What about Post Season play?

A:  The regular season is usually completed by the first week in November. There are no guarantees for post season play. Post season play is earned throughout the regular season. 

Q. What kinds of awards are given?

A:  At the end of the season team parties, each player and cheerleader will receive a participation award. The West Valley Rebels stress the importance of academics and will honor those students that maintain a 3.5GPA or better at the homecoming games.

Q. Who can play?

A:  Any boy or girl that will be at least 6 years old on September 1, 2018. Any boy or girl that is no older than 14 years on September 1, 2018 is also eligible to play. No high school students regardless of age are eligible.